I love the way this book is written. The plot is good, unpredictable for most of the story. The way the characters are introduced makes it hard for the reader to choose who to empathize with. It's like a reverse "Soprano dilemma". In the hit TV series, I found myself rooting for the bad guy. I knew he was evil in many ways, but he was also so human, just a dad wanting what's best for his family, providing for them (ok, by killing and stealing, but if you overlook that for a second . . . ). In this book, it's the opposite. I wanted to empathize with the main characters, but I wasn't not sure I could trust them. And it turns out . . . No, I won't tell you, you have to read it.  What kept me on the edge of my seat (not quite true, as I was reading this in bed, but you get the idea), was this: at the end of most chapters. there would be a twist that I didn't see coming, and I had to read the next one to find out what. where, how. So literally, a page turner. It's also a short book, so no lengthy descriptive spell (can you tell I am not a fan of those?). You can read this in a few days. And, what's more exciting is that Shari Lapena just published a new book this week. So guess what I will be reading next . . .  

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