Here is a story that transcends time, religious beliefs, and social backgrounds. This is the powerful perspective of three children, on their experience as refugees. The author makes a very tough topic approachable for both adults and teenagers. Life randomly devastates certain people, simply because they are "in the wrong place, at the wrong time", not because of anything they do or control. One's haven turns out to be someone else's hell. And vice versa. It's both sad and hopeful, fiction and true. There are many takeaways from these stories that would benefit all ages. My main one is that we are not all dealt with the same cards, but we have to play with the hand we are given. Sometimes, it means making very tough choices. If, like me, you are lucky to never have been faced with such dramatic circumstances, someone around you has, someone in your past had. It's important to know, to not let their pain fall into a forgotten abyss. Otherwise, how do we learn to be better? 

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