This book has been such a phenomenon, because of the incredible story of Tara Westover, and how, against all odds, she ended up getting herself an amazing education. No doubt she must be a genius to begin with, bust still, her achievements are quite extraordinary. Her journey alone makes for a very interesting read, but this isn't what hooked me. I love the honesty with which she tells her story. As a reader, it's easy to see what is obviously wrong, and what choices she needs to make for herself, etc... But from her perspective, she keeps second-guessing herself. Am I making the right choice? What will my family think? And despite everything that's happened with her dad, her older brother, she still longs for their approval, love, and understanding. And while this is probably most often the reality of many situations, I find this honesty pretty rare in a writer of a memoir, who has given so much thoughts into telling their story that it is tainted with the perspective they gained. Here, the author manages to retain the authenticity and rawness of her feelings and thoughts. It's an astonishing read, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't picked it up yet.

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