"My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read"
Abraham Lincoln
19 books to get before the end of  2019

If you are looking for great gift ideas for the book lovers in your life, I have selected for you 19 titles that are simply A-Ma-Zing. I have also created an artificial deadline to motivate the procrastinators among us. And what is more, you can order straight from this page. So less waiting, more reading . . . 



Appropriate read for the winter

Goose bumps guaranteed



Best kid book this year

Heart -wrenching and deep


Technology power is so much bigger than you think



If you haven't read this book, you are missing out

Quite simply the best literary fiction I have read


So funny, so relevant, and a great gift idea for friends who tend to lose it . . .


A great way to teach kids that mistakes are more than ok


A master piece as far as mysteries go


Is it really Science Fiction?


Original and quick to read


Heart breaking, infuriating and so tragic.


A question I ask myself every night


A funny book about serious stuff


Very inspiring for tweens


A large series to keep your kids busy


Beautiful activism in action - kids do change the world


And last, but not least

Learn about beautiful places, cherish this book series for years to come


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