I don't enjoy everything I read, but don't like posting negative reviews. For one, I am a writer myself and I am painfully aware of the hard work and personal touch that go in a book. Each of my books have a little piece of me and I wouldn't want to undermine that for anyone else. Plus, what we take out from the pages we read depends on who we are. There are very popular titles that I didn't enjoy, simply because they didn't resonate with me. So if you find that all the reviews here are "too good to be true", it's only because I am posting the positive feedback. There are enough places where negativity has a platform,. Here, it's all about love! If I read something I don't like, I simply won't review it. I hope it makes sense.


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The Couple Next Door 

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reviewed by Nadege


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reviewed by Nadege


Just finished reading Warlight by Michael Ondaatje. I picked up this book when I saw it at The Book House and remembered this author’s first novel The English Patient which I really enjoyed and was also made into a great movie of the same name starring Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe and others.

The premise is unusual , two teenagers in London at the end of WWII apparently abandoned by their parents and left to be cared for by some rather colorful, roguish characters . This is such a beautifully written story , part coming of age story , part spy novel and part a meditative reflection on memories and loss . I’m too young to remember London in the 1950s (thankfully !) but the author really gives powerful glimpses of post war London and England .

If you want to really get lost in another time , with a story that builds to a surprising unexpected ending then this is the book for you . Like the English Patient I can certainly imagine this being made into a similarly powerful movie at some point .

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